Internationalizing the College Union Google Hangout


Internationalizing the College Union Google Hangout
Tuesday, October 1 @ 1pm

The ACUI Region Education Council is taking our popular Brown Bag Chats to the next level!  Join us for a Google Hangout to discuss best practices, challenges, ideas, and issues with Internationalizing the College Union!

Discussion Topics to Include:

  • What does an internationalized student union look like?  This brown bag chat will explore numerous themes to help create a truly international student union experience.  What can we do to support an engaged and involved undergrad and graduate international student community?
  • As we renovate or rebuild our unions and bring the latest technology into our spaces, how can we enhance the international experience on our campuses through those processes?
  • What resources are available from ACUI to help our union better embrace the global experience?  ACUI has an “Engaging Global Citizens” Resource Guide here: and ACUI recently hosted a webinar called “How do you support International Students?” which will help inform discussion as well!

For a helpful resource prior to the chat, please refer to the Global Citizen Resource Guide:

New to Google hangout? Learn more here.

For questions or to RSVP, contact Joel Pettigrew at


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