2014 ACUI Region VIII Conference Planning Team – APPLY TODAY!

Greetings Region VIII ACUI members,

Happy December!  I wanted to send a quick note and let you know there is still time to apply for the 2014 ACUI Region VIII Conference Planning Team!  Our next regional conference will take place at The University of Vermont on November 14 – 16, 2014.  Melissa Paradee, director of student activities at Castleton State College, will serve as conference coordinator and Allen Josey, director of operations and event services at the University of Vermont, will serve as host chair.

 The CPT job description and application are posted on the volunteer section of the ACUI website.  **Remember to select Region VIII on the drop down menu!**

About the Application Process

The application process has changed slightly from years past. 

o   Applications are to participate on the Conference Planning Team

o   All applicants will participate in a brief interview with the Regional Leadership Team (RLT) screening committee the week of December 11th – 18th

o   During this conversation we will ask applicants which areas they are interested in (education, entertainment, silent auction, social media, etc)

Please feel free to contact me with questions about the application process or Melissa about the conference planning team!  Applications will be accepted until Friday, December 6th.

We look forward to volunteering with you!


Laura DaRos

ACUI Region VIII Volunteer Coordinator


ACUI Awards, Scholarships & Applications

Hello Region 1! 
ACUI has always been an association of volunteers and it is for this reason that we are encouraging volunteers to nominate other volunteers for the myriad of awards and scholarships available this year. The process is easy and I have provided the link below to help with navigation. The deadline is November 15, but please don’t delay in ensuring that some amazing ACUI volunteers are nominated!


Additionally, the nomination process for the incoming regional conference program teams are now available. If you are interested, please apply and help make next year’s regional conference a phenomenal experience!


Thank you!

Sarah Comstock
ACUI Volunteer Development Team


Region 1 Member Gives Back

Greetings, Region 1 Colleagues!

I have the exciting privilege of being part of the CPT for the 2014 ACUI conference in Orlando. When we first met as a team in Orlando last December, not only did we get to know each other and the fabulous JW Marriott facility, but we shared an incredible experience volunteering at Give Kids the World.

Give Kids the World is a resort for children with terminal or life-threatening illnesses and their families.  It was founded by a hotelier who,  about 25 years ago, got a letter from a little girl who said she was pretty sick and had a dream to visit Disney. She asked if she could stay at his hotel. He got busy calling all his friends at American Airlines, Perkins Restaurants, Disney, Hertz, etc. and finally, about three weeks later, called the little girl to tell her that she and her family could come to FL, all expenses paid. He was devastated to learn that the little girl had died during the time it took him to get all the details in place. He vowed not to let that happen again, so he started raising money and setting up a system so that he could respond to requests immediately. That’s how Give Kids the World was born.

It is now a 70 acre resort with 70 duplexes where 140 families can stay for a week at a time.  Families are referred by Make a Wish or similar organizations. All their expenses are paid including airfare, rental car, housing, food, and tickets to the four major parks.  Give Kids the World is a complete resort unto itself. It has the first pool in the US to accommodate wheelchairs. It has a restaurant, a movie theatre, chapel, and life size Candyland playground. It has an ice cream parlor that opens at 8 a.m. every day. There is a game “room” that is as big as many people’s houses complete with billiards, video games, radio controlled boats, and a train set that would fill our living room. Oh, and don’t forget the outdoor theater, train ride, and stream. Every Monday night they celebrate Halloween and every Thursday night is Christmas, complete with snow from their snow making machine.

They say that 93% of all money raised goes to help the kids; only 7% is for overhead.  They only have 120 employees and rely on 1400 shifts of volunteers every week. They have a roster of 17,000 volunteers who volunteer on a regular basis. (The man who gave us our has volunteered once a week for 10 years.) They also have a list of 50,000 volunteers who have come once (like we did, for example) to give a few hours as part of a corporate event, or donate a day out of their vacation.  It is such a joyous, beautiful place that it is easy to forget why it exists.

I share this with you to think about volunteering at Give Kids the World if you and your family should find yourself in Orlando. The CPT is also hoping that we can take groups of ACUI volunteers to Give Kids the World during the Orlando conference. Please consider this opportunity. You will never regret it!

Thanks for listening!

Victoria Angis
Assistant Dean for Campus Life, Castleton State College


Volunteer Application Deadlines Approaching



Interested in a regional director position?
As the Association transitions to eight regions, new regional directors will be selected. Applications will be accepted through today, April 5.

An election will occur from April 15–May 3, and the results will be announced by May 10.

International Volunteer Opportunities

Regional Volunteer Opportunities
Many of ACUI’s regions are looking for new volunteers to round out their leadership teams and to assist with special projects. For more information about regional opportunities, please contact your regional director.

Visit www.acui.org/volunteer to see more opportunities to help the Association!

If you have any questions about these or other volunteer opportunities within the Association, email volunteer@acui.org or call 812.245.8088.

Volunteer Opportunities Available – Apply Today!

Hey, Region 1!

Application Deadline Approaching
Many current volunteer openings have a Dec. 10 application deadline. Find out more below, and start your application.

ACUI is also seeking graduate students for the 2013 Conference Management Team. Be a part of the graduate student staff at the 2013 annual conference in St. Louis. Applications are due Dec. 10.

Hosting Opportunities
Host I-LEAD®, ACUI’s premier student leadership program. The request for proposal is due Dec. 10.
The International Job Shadow Program offers delegates experiences at institutions in countries other than their own. Apply to be a host institution by Jan. 4.

Regional Opportunities
Many of ACUI’s regions are looking for new volunteers to round out their leadership teams and to help with special projects. For more information about regional opportunities, please contact your regional director. If you have any questions about these or other volunteer opportunities within the Association, email volunteer@acui.org or call 812.245.8088

Volunteer Opportunity: ACUI Region 1 Business Manager

ACUI Regional Business Manager
Duties and Responsibilities

Serve as chief financial officer for the region.

ACUI Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the chief financial officer for the region.
  • Monitor the Financial Management System through the ACUI website.
  • Maintain all financial records and reconcile regional records with those of the Central Office, serving as liaison to the Central Office for financial matters.
  • Act as a signatory on all regional vouchers, reimbursement and other appropriate financial forms.
  • Prepare financial report for monthly conference calls, regional conference site visit, regional conference, and RLT meeting at the annual conference.
  • Serve as a member of the RLT and all of the general expectations of an RLT member.
  • Maintain regular communication with regional director, leadership team members, and Central Office.  Offer insight in to the financial status of the region and participate in decisions that would affect the region’s financial health.
  • Work with the RLT members in preparing their annual budgets and creating the overall regional budget.  Assist Regional Director in the development of a budget for the region.
  • At the conclusion of his/her term, provide new Business Manager with copies of all financial records and backup documentation.

Regional Leadership Team Responsibilities:

  • Attends and participates in Regional Leadership Team meetings at the annual fall regional conference, and if possible, the annual international conference.
  • Participates in monthly/quarterly Leadership Team conference calls throughout the year.
  • Acts as a resource person for the region and campus organizations.
  • Inspires student involvement in the Regional Leadership Team, annual fall conference, and other ACUI events.
  • Develops proposal for Education Session at Regional Conference

Employment in a college union/student activities department at a member institution who has committed to provide institutional support. Membership in good standing at a member institution in good standing. Commitment to fulfilling the duties of the position for the length of the term.


  • Two years
  • Generally beginning January 2013

Nominated by the Regional Volunteer Coordinator, Appointed by the Regional Director with approval of the RL.  Applicants must submit a brief statement (300 words or less) of interest/philosophy detailing the following:

  • The applicant’s understanding of the role of ACUI
  • The applicant’s strengths and ideas he/she would bring to the position

Email statement to amy_liss@uml.edu.

Deadline: October 31
Questions: Amy_Liss@uml.edu

ACUI Board of Trustees Nominations

ACUI is now accepting nominations for the Board of Trustees. You may nominate yourself or any other colleague online.

Anyone can submit a nomination or application. All nominees and applicants must be members at a member institution and have institutional support. You do not need to be nominated to apply for the positions.

Applications are due Oct. 3. Please take the time to consider worthy candidates and submit nominations to help guide the Association.

Information about the elections, the nomination and application forms, and position descriptions are available
Please contact Thomas Lane, chair of the Election Committee at ThomasLane@missouristate.edu with questions.

2012 Conference Planning Team – Applications Now Available!

ACUI Region 1 Needs YOU!

Region 1 is excited to announce that positions for the 2012 Conference Planning Team are now available! We are striving to put together a diverse and united team of committed, passionate, and driven students, graduate students, and professionals from all areas of focus and levels.

The 2012 ACUI Region 1 conference will be held Nov. 16–18 and although a location has not been identified at this point, we can guarantee that in true Region 1 fashion, it will be a conference to remember!

Here are the open positions:
Education Experience Coordinator
Student Leadership Experience Coordinator
Graduate Student Leadership Experience Coordinator
Professional Leadership Experience Coordinator
Communications Team Coordinator
Publications Coordinator
Coordinator of Social Media and Technology
Registration Coordinator
Programming Team Coordinator
Silent/Live Auction Coordinator
Hospitality and Sponsorship Coordinator
Entertainment Coordinator
International Experience Coordinators

To see a description of each position, please 2012 ACUI Conference Committee Position Descriptions. Also please note, that this summer we will also be opening up four more positions, including Idea Exchange Coordinator, a second Silent/Live Auction Coordinator, a Volunteer/Service Coordinator, and a third spot on our International Experience Coordinator Team.

To apply, please click here:  http://www.acui.org/forms.aspx?menu_id=202&ekfrm=16546 

Applications are due on Feb. 3!

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Rich Hurley at rhurley@bryant.edu or 401.232.6952. Good Luck!!

Rich Hurley
2012 ACUI Region 1 Conference Chair
Bryant University

“You give but little when you give of your possessions,
it is when you give of yourself that you truly give”
– Kahlil Gibran

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world”
– Mohandas Gandhi

Regional Leadership Team Positions Available

Current available positions include:

  • Leisure Activities Manager
  • Academic Challenge Coordinator
  • Recreation Tournament Manager

Applications are online on the Region 1 webpage and will be due no later than Friday, December 23, 2011.

To view a list of the current ACUI Region 1 Leadership Team, click here: ACUI Region 1 RLT Roster.

For questions about these openings, please contact Amy Liss, Volunteer Coordinator at amy_liss@uml.edu.